tony crosbie studied Fashion at St. Martins school of art in London and has worked in London and Italy; currently a long-term Tokyo resident specializing in fashion / costume design and styling for films, commercials & music projects, he is also designing jewelry, menswear and luggage + wallet collections for Japanese / international companies

tony crosbie has done many projects as a costume designer/stylist - both for Japanese and foreign film production in Japan and on location abroad

The Forest

DIR: Jason Zada

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

DIR: Nathan Zellner

Memories Corner

DIR: Audrey Fouche

Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

DIR: Isabel Coixet

Enter the Void

DIR: Gaspar Noe


DIR: Dorris Dörie


DIR: Doug Liman

Fukushima, Mon Amour

Man In Phone

tony crosbie is a very experienced costume designer/stylist for innumerable Japanese and foreign advertising/commercial projects in Japan and on location abroad

Indeed - How Rock'n Roll Works

DIR: Mackenzie Sheppard
DOP: Mattias Troelstrup

Indeed - How Robot Works

DIR: Mackenzie Sheppard
DOP: Mattias Troelstrup

DIR: Matthew Swanson
DOP: Michael Ragen

Carphone Warehouse - Keith Lemon Pin Point TV Ad in Tokyo

DIR: Lucy Forbes
DOP: Ben Spence

Expedia - Someplace New

Nike - Hero

DIR: Kevin Thomas
DOP: Rodrigo Prieto

Facebook - You are someone's friend

DIR: Zachary Heinzerling
DOP: Oliver Millar

DHL 'Manchester United'

DIR: Antoine Bardot-Jacquet
DOP: Damien Morisot

NIKE - New Beginnings

DIR: Gerard de Thame
DOP: Mick Coulter

McDONALDS - Big Mac World Chant

DIR: Bo Platt
DOP: Nick Sawyer


DIR: Jeffrey Darling
DOP: Jeffrey Darling

HONDA - Impossible Dream

DIR: Ivan Zacharias
DOP: Jan Velicky - あなたは冒険者

Microsoft - Universal Morning

Nike Japan - Any Other Morning

tony crosbie has a wealth of experience styling/designing costumes for Japanese and foreign artists in Japan and on location abroad

Guy Pearce - Taste

DIR: Mackenzie Sheppard
DOP: Oliver Millar

Killers 'Read My Mind'

DIR: Diane Martel
DOP: Shawn Kim

The Mad Capsule Markets - Gaga Life

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Down Beat Stomp

Pizzicato Five - Playboy Playgirl

tony has being working in the design field since leaving the UK and has produced numerous projects including package design, set designs for photography, costumes for corporate events (Tokyo Motor Show), etc.

Costume Design


Costume Design


Costume Design

NHK Kohaku - SMAP

Costume Design

Levis + Jennifer Love Hewitt

Costume Design

Levis + Kimura Takuya

Package Design

Echigo Seika

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